#1 Best Online Guitar Training Lessons Easy For Beginners

Online Guitar Lessons Training ReviewLearning Guitar is one of the best choices anyone can make, whether learning to play at a young age, or at 25, 30, 40 or even learning to play after 50. And it’s so much easier these days because of the many online guitar lessons and training courses available on the internet, that you can choose from.

Now you may have been searching around for the top online guitar training course review, or for a more specific review, like the best guitar learning course, for example, in flamenco, electric, acoustic, classical, blues, bass, or jazz guitar training lessons. Well, you have to come to the right place online. With all the information out there and these days, finding an easy and good online guitar course, especially for beginners can be difficult, but now it doesn’t have to be.

This article will be your very own guitar lessons online review. Whether you are a beginner, or maybe you have had some lessons with a real teacher, but then your dropped it, and now you want to pick it up again and learn. Or maybe you just don’t have the time for a regular guitar training course in a class room, so you turned to the internet!

Let me assure you that choosing an online guitar training course is still a pretty good way to go, considering many people nowadays prefer such online courses, considering their busy schedules, and how flexible this can be. Since distance is no barrier, or handicap, you can go for the best quality learning courses and teachers. And there are many out there, but we are gonna focus on just a few.

The method of review I use when judging online guitar lessons is based around a few key ideas.

  • Are they teaching you more than just where to put your fingers and how to play the songs?
  • Are they actually teaching you how to play the instrument?
  • Do they have a good teaching style for their online guitar lessons and do they have enough content that is professionally made and produced?
  • How do they teach? Is it all in text format in the form of articles or do they have guitar lesson videos?

All of these are important when picking out a good online guitar course.

Some of the best online guitar lessons reviews around do not address some key issues about learning guitar that I believe should be. To get started you need more than good online guitar lessons. You above all else need a good drive to actually learn the instrument. It is very difficult when you start, and most people stop after a week or two and never pick it up again.

My biggest piece of advice is to stick with it for at least a month. Adhere to the online guitar course you choose for a month and if it’s still too much for you then maybe reconsider but I’m sure for most of you, you will have an overwhelming sense of achievement by that point in time.

Most guitar lessons for beginners online will go into some detail about basic chords such as A major, E major, G major, A minor etc This may not be the most interesting material you will learn but trust me it is definitely worth the effort as it is a great platform to build from in the future.

Now moving on to the real stuff! What are the best online guitar lessons? If you are looking to pay for a teacher or you are only looking for free guitar lessons online there are options for you. My two personal favorite sites are JamPlay and Guitar tricks.

Both these sites have fantastic guitar lesson videos and offer a range of different types of lessons from acoustic guitar lessons to country guitar lessons and blues guitar lessons as well as lots and lots in between. They don’t just focus on genre though and also offer many technique based lessons that will help you with any guitar playing you will do in the future.

Jamplay Vs Guitar Tricks

JamPlay is a $19.95 a month subscription and for that price you get access to all the lessons on the site as well as access to the members forum where you can ask other players as well as instructors questions and really gain a sense of community. They also offer a great live lesson and chat feature which allows you to get direct webcam lessons from the instructors themselves or if you just have a question that none of the videos addressed you can hop on there and ask an instructor quickly.

Guitar Tricks is even cheaper at $10.75 a month and for that you get access to their library of over 8000 lessons and more are constantly being added. They also add over 400 song lessons to the site a week so any song you would like to play has surely been covered by one of the guitar tricks online instructors of which there are 45, so there will be one that you connect with and really understand their style of teaching. Another feature I love about Guitar Tricks is they have a “Jam Station” which is a feature that allows you to play along with a backing track. As a guitar player this is one of the best ways to learn a new song and Guitar Tricks build it right into their lesson structure.

Both of these sites are great and will definitely be worth the time and money to learn with them. Learning guitar can be hard but learning using one of these sites makes the whole process quicker and removes a lot of the frustration that often comes along with learning on your own.


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