Guitar Power Chords: Why Learn Them

For those you out there who want to take your music to the next level, whether you are a newbie or a mid-range player, Rock, metal, or even Flamenco you need to learn about Power Chords and how to play them if you want your music to standout.

In this article, you will learn what a power chord is and more importantly, where you get the knowledge to use them in you music repertoire.

What are Power Chords?

There are those who say you should learn power chords before you learn the open chords. If you want to be a Rock legend, though you will have to learn them sometime and now is the best time to do it.

Pete Townshend originally coined the phrase and uses Power Chords throughout his music.

They offer a lower tone that gives off great sound and they are fun to play, they offer a variety that standard chords don’t have and are the mainstay of may professorial Rockers now on tour today.

They basically consist only of the one, five and possibly another one an octave higher.

Power chords are the 2 to 3 bottom strings of a guitar’s bar chords and they are a lot simpler to play compared to the normal bar chords.

Why don’t more people learn them?

The main problem with the guitar is that is an intuitive instrument and doesn’t have a visible scale or keys like a Piano or electric keyboard. So the instrument itself defeats many would be players.

The other problem is pain. The strings hurt initially when you start playing. In fact, if you try to play Flamenco you can literally remove skin from your fingers during practice.

Fortunately, both of these problems are pretty easy. The first of not knowing where to put your fingers properly is solved with application of some tape along the neck and marking where to put your fingers for the Power Chords you’re learning.

If this is a bit of a stretch for you to do, there are products on the market that do exactly that. You can find them at your local music store.

They have special decals and tape products that fit precisely where they should on the neck and make the learning the Power Cords that much simpler.

As for the finger pain that too is quite simple to solve. 1st put away you acoustical guitar until you master the cords on an electric one. The lighter pressure needed for the strings will save wear and tear on your fingers until they toughen and develop the calluses they need.

How can I learn Power Chords?

There are a number of ways to learn Power Chords.

    • Learn them from someone who already plays them
    • There are many books on the topic. A search of Amazon reveals there are over 2,000 hits for that title.
    • Search the Internet and you can get Power Chord Charts and instruction
    • You Tube has a plethora of videos on the topic.
    • Udemy have courses you can get which can teach you everything you want to know about chording and playing the Guitar.

You can learn Power Chords on your own. The materials are out there and by a little elbow grease and some cheats on the neck of your Axe you can be play these chords like a pro in no time.